painters make artistic works by using various colors on the palette.

individual colors have their own looks and describe details about works in order to infuse life into works.

[ Identity by yourself ]

'proust effect'

author Marcel Proust wrote 'À la recherche du temps perdu' when he was smelling the scent of Madeleine given by his aunt. 

after this, we call 'The Proust effect' when we refer to the vivid reliving of events from the past through sensory stimuli.

we give flowers to the important person not only for their happiness but also for their smile.

suitte thinks the scent is an important identity to give a good impression to others.

we remember people by their special scents.

like 'Marcel Proust' recall his hometown by the scent of Madeleine,

suitte hope everyone who wears suitte's products to be remembered.

suitte for man

suitte's products are designed for keeping your scents.

the special element improves the duration time of the scent to make your wonderful scent last all day long.

SUITTE [ Suit + Palette ]

suitte makes products with the philosophy called 'classy simplicity'

all products are handmade.

suitte for woman

suitte launched the perfume necklace.

The mother-of-pearl design makes you more luxurious.

the mother-of-pearl doesn't have the same pattern because it is created by true nature.

its uniqueness make you show your own beauty.

scents stay on you


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